Stino Blade 8″ Chef Knife


Product Details
➢ 100% Made in Solingen
➢ Forged in a drop forge
➢ Ice-hardened
➢ Steel: DIN 1.4116 Chromium Vanadium Molybdenum Steel (X50CrMoV15)
➢ Polished surface (additional fine grinding that enhances corrosion resistance, a quality characteristic of knives made in Solingen)
➢ 57 Rockwell hardness
➢ Hand-sharpened, hand-polished edge for razor-sharpness
➢ Handle made from wild olive wood, smoked oak, or walnut wood
➢ Packaging in a gift box made of brown kraft paper with a blade protector made of recycled cardboard

Additional Information

Our knife series represents the highest quality and craftsmanship, bearing the
centuries-old “Made in Solingen” seal. With a forged blade made from German knife steel
(DIN 1.4116), each knife offers exceptional edge retention, high durability, and the highest
rust resistance.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to selecting the steel and handle materials.
Whether it’s wild olive wood from Andalusia, rustic dark smoked oak, or fine walnut wood
from German forests, every piece of wood is carefully chosen based on colour, grain, and
material thickness. The exceptional, natural grain patterns in the wood make each knife a
genuine one-of-a-kind.

What Makes Our Knives Special?
Long-lasting sharpness and high-quality craftsmanship
Our knives are traditionally forged using the Solingen method. This elaborate forging
technique compresses the steel, greatly enhancing its strength, which has a significant
impact on sharpness.

After forging, each knife undergoes up to 42 manual steps to become a high-quality
cutting tool, often done by hand. Precision in blade sharpening, the keen eye of the
sharpener, and patience in fine polishing of each handle make these knives a unique
artisan product. Manual sharpening and polishing of the edge result in a razor-sharp
blade, allowing the knives to effortlessly cut through any food.

Ergonomic handle design
The handle fits comfortably in your hand. The tactile properties of the wood provide a
firm and pleasant grip while maintaining an optimal balance of the knife.

Perfect balance
The entire knife blade is forged from a single piece of knife steel. The fully forged bolster
between the blade and handle provides the knife with a well-balanced feel and an optimal
center of gravity, making long periods of knife use enjoyable.

Antibacterial properties
Wood boasts antibacterial properties. Due to its density, abrasion resistance, and acid
resistance, bacteria and germs hardly stand a chance. Natural wood is thus an ideal and
hygienic material for food processing in the kitchen.

Our woods are sourced from sustainable forests in Andalusia, Spain, and Germany. The
base material from which the steel for our knives is obtained is recycled. Steel is one of
the world’s most recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly. The knives are
packaged in a gift box made of recycled kraft paper, ensuring that they can be returned
to the recycling cycle without concern.

Knife Care
To ensure your knives remain beautiful and sharp for as long as possible, avoid using the
dishwasher and always clean the handle and blade by hand.
To protect and keep the wood smooth, we recommend oiling the wood regularly. Neutral
cooking oils like sunflower or linseed oil are suitable for this purpose. Oiling the wood
renews its natural protection and gives the wood a rich colour.
-Clean the blade immediately after use with clear water and a small amount of dish
soap. Avoid using abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents and rough sponges.
-Thoroughly dry the knife with a cotton towel.
-Oil the wood handle of your knife and let it soak for 4-6 hours.
-We recommend reapplying the oil every 1-3 months, depending on usage